Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Female Wrestler Reggie Bennett

Yes here is some more of retired female wrestler Reggie Bennett.
Hey....I just like her...okay?
Maybe it's because she was born five days before me.
Really...she was...
Or maybe it's the way she could just keep changing her body type.
Here she is "thick".....

Female Wrestler Reggie Bennett

And here she is as the cover model of the January 1984 issue of Fit Magazine...

Reggie Bennett, female wrestler, big and beautiful

And here she is doing full on posing...

Now that is pretty impressive.

That cover was shot two years before she debuted for the Independent Wrestling Federation in California.
Reggie retired in 2001 and her last match was against the legendary Manami Toyota in Japan.

Here is Reggie in action against Goldilocks

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