Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jeannie Clark aka Lady Blossom

I did a couple of write ups (here and here) about Jeannie Clark aka Lady Blossom, back in 2007.
Well she was known as Lady Blossom and also Jeannie Adams and Jeannie Clark Williams.

Jeannie Clark aka Lady Blossom
Yep...that's Stone Cold Steve Austin and Lady Blossom

 Like Debra and later Karen Angle/Jarrett, Jeannie seemed to really love wrestlers.
Jeannie loved three of them ("Gentleman" Chris Adams, Billy Jack Haynes and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin).

Her relationship with Chris and Stone Cold led to a feud that would make Vince McMahon weep with joy, where Jeannie and her then current husband Steve would take on her ex-husband Chris and his then current wife Toni Adams.

Steve Austin and Jeannie Clark vs Chris and Toni Adams

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