Friday, January 22, 2010

NCW Femmes Fatales

female wrestling

On September 5th, 2009, a new wrestling promotion made it's debut.
The promotion is called NCW Femmes Fatales, and it's a division of Northern Championship Wrestling.
NCW FF is a Montreal based female independent professional wrestling promotion, and taking a look at it's roster, it includes some of the best talent in female independent wrestling today...

Addy Starr
Anna Minoushka
Anastasia Ivy
Ayako Hamada
Cat Power
Cherry Bomb
Cheerleader Melissa
Kacey Diamond
Karen Brooks
Kylie Pierce
La Parfaite Caroline
Mary Lee Rose
Mercedes Martinez
Mistress Belmont
Misty Heaven
P.J. Tyler
Portia Perez
Roxie Cotton
Sara Del Rey
She Nay Nay

The promotion is run by LuFisto and Stephane Bruyere and NCW FF has an agreement with SHIMMER Women Athletes to allow the SHIMMER Championship to be contested at NCW FF events.

With this much talent and more coming in and visiting, I think this will be a big deal.

They are already getting a good sized internet presence and with Wrestlin' Wally doing some of their photography, you can bet they are gonna look good while they are doing it.

Their next card is Februray 6th, 2010, so if you are in the Montreal area (or wanna plan a road trip) go check them out.

The card includes:

Lufisto vs Hamada (how awesome is that?)
Cat Power vs Cheerleader Melissa
Mercedes Martinez vs Portia Perez
Ariel vs Kalamity
Cherry Bomb vs Delmont
PJ Tyler vs Sabrina Kyle vs She Nay Nay vs Addy Star
Kylie Pierce vs Kacey Diamond
Roxie Cotton (I love that name!) and La Parfaite Caroline vs Mary Lee Rose and Karen Brooks
Midianne vs Anastasia Ivy

You can check out the NCW Femmes Fatales official website here:

And their MySpace page here:

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