Thursday, September 3, 2009

Female Wrestlers Before They Were Stars, Part 4

Now for the last three female wrestlers from the TNA Knockout roster......

Taylor Wilde
Shantelle Malawski started wrestling in June 2003.
Before TNA, she was featured in the two-part wrestling documentary, Slam Bam, which aired on the Discovery Channel.
Taylor wrestled for New Vision Pro Wrestling, she did a a three-show tour of South Africa, she wrestled in Monterrey, Mexico, Shimmer Women Athletes, Ring Divas' Battle Angels, Twin Wrestling Entertainment, Blood Sweat and Ears, Deep South Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored and Pure Wrestling Association in Southern Ontario.

Traci Brooks
Tracy Brookshaw had a long career in wrestling before TNA.
She made her pro wrestling debut in January 2001 as "Tracy Brooks".
Traci has wrestled for Border City Wrestling, the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation (where she had a feud with Gail Kim who was then billed as La Felina), Blood Sweat and Ears, NWA Cyberspace, 3X Wrestling, All Star Championship Wrestling, Coastal Championship Wrestling, Downsouth Championship Wrestling, Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, New Ohio Championship Wrestling, Southern Championship Wrestling and World Xtreme Wrestling.

Velvet Sky
Jamie Szantyr has wrestled under the names Velvet Sky (for TNA), Talia Madison, Miss Talia, Talia Doll and Talia.
Even though this young lady might look like a model, she has wrestled for Defiant Pro Wrestling, Georgia Wrestling Alliance, TNT Pro Wrestling, Universal Wrestling Association, Women's Extreme Wrestling and World Xtreme Wrestling besides TNA.
Plus she has held five womens wrestling titles and one tag team title.

So why did I do this?
To show the lack of depth in the WWE Diva roster as opposed to the TNA Knockout roster?
Yeah, a little.
It annoys me that with so much talent out there, the biggest company in wrestling feels like it needs to pull in models and dancers to fill it's ranks.

But it's also to show you that when you go out to these indy wrestling promotions and watch these ladies performing, you may be seeing the female wrestling superstars of tomorrow.
I cannot stress enough how much these young ladies put on the line every week just to do what they love, and give the people a good show.
Their lineage goes back to Mildred Burke, June Byers and the other great pioneers of women's wrestling.

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