Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sherri Martel. part 2

After training under The Fabulous Moolah, Larry Zbyszko helped her join the AWA. He felt she had a little bit of potential and thought she just needed to learn how to do wrestling interviews.

She eventually debuted the AWA, and on September 28, 1985 at SuperClash she defeated Candi Devine for the AWA World Women's Championship. Later that year, the title was taken from Martel and awarded to Devine, but Martel regained the title on October 17, 1985.

On April 20, 1986 Martel won a battle royal at WrestleRock '86 that included Devine, Debbie Combs, Rose Devine, Joyce Grable, Kat LeRoux, Despina Montegas, Misty Blue Simmes, and Luna Vachon. On May 10, 1986 she helped Buddy Rose and Doug Somers win the AWA World Tag Team Championship. Having previously vacated the AWA Women's Championship, Martel defeated Devine on June 28, 1986 to begin her third reign as champion.

In the spring of 1987, Martel began managing Kevin Kelly. Her most memorable moment as his manager came when she interfered in an arm wrestling match between Kelly and Tommy Rich on ESPN's AWA Championship Wrestling. Rich got immediate revenge by cornering the escaping Martel and ripping her dress off to reveal a strapless pink teddy and black stockings. In the following weeks, Rich would come to ringside during Kelly's matches and taunt Martel with her stolen dress.

On May 2, 1987 Martel defeated Madusa Miceli at SuperClash 2.

Former AWA wrestler Jesse Ventura then referred her to the WWF. Martel credited Vince McMahon for being the one who molded her in the WWF.

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