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Precious - Patricia Garvin

Precious - Patricia Garvin

Valet: Precious
Real Name: Patricia Williams Garvin
Born: January 1st, 1955
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Marital Status: Married to Jimmy Garvin

Patti Williams was a professional wrestling valet in the 1980s best known as Precious.

Patti Williams started her wrestling career as the valet for her real-life husband Jimmy Garvin in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) wrestling promotion in 1983 under the name of Precious.

She replaced his previous valet, Sunshine (Valerie French, who was Garvin's Cousin), causing a feud and many catfights in the ring between the two.

She went with Garvin to the AWA and then to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions. In the NWA, she was spanked on TV by Magnum T.A. in 1986 (right before his career-ending accident), hounded by Ric Flair in 1987 and stalked by Kevin Sullivan in 1988.

In the Flair storyline, Ric gave her gifts trying to woo her and when it didn't work, won a match with Garvin for a date with Precious. The Garvin family had Ron Garvin dress up as "Miss Atlanta Lively" to show up for the date instead, and he promptly dealt with Flair and his manager James J. Dillon.

With the Sullivan story line, Kevin kept saying he had something that she wanted to see on some papers or knew something she wanted to know. The mind games continued on until Garvin had his leg "broken" by Sullivan and Mike Rotunda and they had to leave TV for a while.

Garvin returned without her in 1989 and she did make a brief appearance for him and Michael Hayes at at WrestleWar '92 as the President of "Fabulous Freebirds, Inc.".

Patti is now retired with Jimmy and they have two daughters.

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