Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mae Young - Female Wrestling

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Wrestler: Mae Young
Real Name: Johnnie Mae Young
Born: March 12th, 1923
Hometown: Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Previous Gimmicks: Johnnie Mae,Queen Mae Young
Favorite Moves: Bronco Buster
Notable Fueds: Eve Lee,Millie Safford,Carol Cook,The Kat/Stacy Carter

Johnnie Mae Young was one of the most recognizable female wrestlers during the 1940s. Beginning in 1999, Young had a second career in the World Wrestling Federation, now WWE.
Mae became a professional wrestler in 1939. She fought under the nicknames of "The Queen" and "The Great Mae Young", but she used her real name for most of her matches. During the 1950s, she wrestled for Mildred Burke's World Women's Wrestling Association (WWWA).
She made her WWF debut on the September 16, 1999, episode of SmackDown!

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