Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mae Weston - Vintage Women Wrestlers

Wrestler: Mae Weston
Previous Gimmicks: Maw Bass,Astro-ette,Purple Flash,Madam X
Notable Feuds: Mildred Burke, Gladys Gillem, Cora Combs, J.C. Dykes,The Mighty Yankees

From 1972-73, Maw Bass (Mae Weston) managed Roy Bass (Roy Klein) and Donnie Bass in the Kentucky area for promoter Phil Golden.
Then from 1973-74, Maw Bass managed Ronnie and Donnie Bass, then later it was Donnie and Bobby Bass in the Gulf Coast area for Lee Fields
Maw Bass and her boys were involved in a heel vs heel feud with J.C. Dykes and his Mighty Yankees (Curtis Smith and Mike McManus). Maw Bass didn't mind smacking her sons Ronnie and Donnie around when things weren't going the Bass' way.

The Bass Brothers often used Maw Bass' "loaded purse" as a weapon to gain the advantage in their matches.
Mildred Burke used a photo of Lita Marez executing “The Rocker” on Mae Weston for her publicity stamp and stationary to publicize her wrestling business.
On Wednesday, February 22, 1967 Lita Marez , Johnnie Mae Young, Hatfield Hattie, Mae Weston and Pearlie Benn were in the 'First Time Ever' all girl battle royal at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA.
Mae appeared in the 2001 documentary Wrestling Women USA! as herself.

Mae Weston vs Mildred Burke

Mildred Burke and Mae Weston


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