Monday, August 13, 2007

Luna Vachon - Classic Womens Wrestling

Wrestler/Manager: Luna Vachon
Real Name: Gertrude Vachon
Birthday: January 12th, 1962
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Marital Status: Once dated Dick Slater
Married to Gangrel.
Height and Weight: 5' 6" - 140 pounds
Trained by: Paul Vachon,Vivian Vachon,Fabulous Moolah
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1986
Previous Gimmicks: Daughter of Darkness, Luna Vachon, Luna,Angel Baby (AWF)
Finishing Wrestling Move: Lunar Eclipse (Top Rope Splash)
Favorite Moves: Stomach/Crotch Claw, Luna Bomb,DDT
Notable Feuds: Doink/Dink,Steven Richards,Sable,Madusa

Luna Vachon - Classic Womens Wrestling

Luna and her husband David Heath were considered at one point to be a part of WWE's new ECW brand in a gothic-like "Vampire" faction with Kevin Thorn and his valet Ariel. Heath was under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment but was not used on television. As of January 18, 2007, Gangrel was released from World Wrestling Entertainment.

Luna Vachon - Pro Wrestling Women

On June 9, 2007, Luna became the first Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Ladies champion defeating Traci Brooks.

In Mid-2007, Luna Vachon and her husband Gangrel were supposed to be moving to England, as Gangrel has decide to wrestle full time in England's All-Star Promotions.

Luna Vachon - Women Wrestling

Luna passed away on August 27th, 2010. 

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