Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Leilani Kai, part 2

Kai wrestled in WCW in the mid-1990's as part of their short-lived women's division. She wrestled as both Leilani Kai and Patty Stonegrinder and usually jobbed to Madusa.

She returned to WCW on November 29, 1999 to wrestle a mud-pit match against Rhonda Singh on WCW Monday Nitro. In a backstage skit, Fyre and Storm had a wardrobe squabble and a food fight broke out, and security broke it up. The view focused on another woman (Kai), who was watching this and apparently started choking after laughing at what was going on while eating at the same time. Juventud Guerrera happened by and worked a Heimlich maneuver, and then asked for an ambulance really loudly. Later, Guerrera said one of the women was unable to compete (she was choking) but he saved her life. Kai was then replaced by Miss Elizabeth.

In the summer of 2002, Kai challenged Lexie Fyfe for the Professional Girl Wrestling Association's (PGWA) championship in Branson, Missouri, and won the belt. This was a controversial match, due to the manner in which Kai gained the right to challenge Fyfe. A battle royal was held to determine who the next challenger would be; Leilani rolled out of the ring early in the match, and it appeared that she was eliminated. However, the rules stated that a wrestler could only be eliminated by being ejected over the ropes. Thus, she was still a valid combatant. Late in the match, Kai returned to the ring and managed to eject the last few women remaining. She then challenged Lexie to a match then and there; Fyfe was injured following a title match earlier that night against Macaela Mercedes (aka Jillian Hall), including suffering a damaged knee and one eye swollen shut. However, Fyfe agreed...although she was in no condition to wrestle, and Kai quickly defeated her.

Leilani successfully defended the title multiple times over the next few months. In November of '02, however, she wrestled and lost to British grappler Pippa L'Vinn in a match held in North Carolina.

On March 12, 2003, she defeated Madison to win the NWA Women's Championship in a dark match on an Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view. The title was vacated when Kai was stripped by NWA President Bill Behrens due to missing several NWA shows, including the NWA Virginia show. Kai reportedly skipped the shows because she felt the NWA governing board was not treating the Women's Championship with the respect it deserved, such as not televising title matches on the TNA program, and rarely booking women's matches on the more important NWA cards.

Although Leilani has not announced her official retirement, she has not wrestled since 2004.

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