Wednesday, July 11, 2007

June Byers - Women of Wrestling

Wrestler: June Byers
Real Name: DeAlva Eyvonnie Sibly-Snyder
Birthday: May 25, 1922
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Marital Status: Married to Sam Menacker
Trained by: Billy Wolfe
Wrestling Debut: 1944
Finishing Move: Byers Bridge
Notable Feuds: Joyce Ford,Mars Bennett,Princess Tonah Tomah
Titles held: NWA Woman's title; (Missouri) Woman's Tag Team titles (2);

August 20, l954 June Byers beat wrestling legend Mildred Burke in a one hour 3 fall match in Atlanta, Georgia, when she became the only one to get a pinfall
1964: June Byers retired with the NWA Woman's title after hitting a tree in a car accident..
July 20, 1998: June Byers passed away..

De Alva Evonne Sibley was born in Houston, Texas in 1922. She began her wrestling career in 1944 due to the influence of her uncle "Shorty" Roberts, who was involved with wrestling. She changed her name to June Byers and, like many women wrestlers, it was poverty that inspired her desire to be a successful athlete.

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Texas Perfect Home said...

June Byers was my grandmother and we still have her (2) World Champion Belts. Miss her a great deal.
Debra Nowaski

Texas Perfect Home said...

June was my grandmother and we still have her (2) World Champion Belts. We miss her.

Debra Nowaski

Debra Nowaski said...

I remember my grandmother as a very kind woman with eloquent speech. She would say Hello Darling. She is missed dearly.

Debra Nowaski said...

We miss her tremendously. June was a very impressive lady in and out of the ring. She would say hello darling, how are you. She had an eloquent speech. We thank her for caring and loving her friends and family.

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