Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Julie The Red Fuxxx - Female Wrestling

Julie The Red Fuxxx - Female Wrestling
Wrestler: Julie The Red Fuxxx
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Height & Weight: 5'2" - 110 lbs
Wrestling Debut: November 1999
Finishing Move:Twist of Faith/ Dragonrana slicebread
Wrestling Promotions worked for: NCW and ALF.

Julie is a Canadian women's wrestler. She's been wrestling for over ten years and has beaten way more than her share of male opponents.

On May 19, 2007 in NCW at ChallengeMania, Bloodlines (Black Eagle & Julie the Red Fuxx) defeated Nova & Jeremy.

Julie The Red Fuxxx - Female Wrestling
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wrestlinwally said...

Julie the Red Fuxxx just formally retired from wrestling. This announcement was greeted by tears and a standing ovation at the ALF show in Montreal, QC on July 6, 2007. LuFisto, a frequent opponent of Julie's gave her an ALF award and a big hug.

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