Saturday, July 7, 2007

Joyce Grable 1 - Female Wrestling

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Wrestler: Joyce Becker
Real Name: Joyce Fowler
Birthday: 1946
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Marital Status: Married to George Becker
Trained by: Fabulous Moolah
Wrestling Debut: 1964

From 1967-68, Joyce Fowler toured the WWWF as "Joyce Grable", along with Fabulous Moolah.
Then in 1968, Joyce Fowler married George Becker and stayed married to him until his death in 1999.
From 1968 on, Joyce Fowler was billed as Joyce Becker in wrestling until her retirement in the Mid-70s, when she left the wrestling business to take care of her family.

Joyce Grable 1 - Female Wrestling

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