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Jazz - Carlene Begnaud, Part 1

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Wrestler: Jazz
Real Name: Carlene Moore Begnaud
Birthday: August 27, 1976
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Marital Status: Married to Rodney Begnaud
Height & Weight: 5'4" - 140 lbs.
Trained by: Rod Price
Wrestling Debut: 1998
Previous Gimmicks: Jasamine
Finishing Move: The Bitchlock ,STF
Favorite Moves: Jazz Stinger,Jazz Stretch,DDT,Bitch Clamp,Fisherman Buster,Running Splash,Sitout Over Shoulder Powerslam
Notable Feuds: Jason,Francine,Trish Stratus,Victoria

Carlene Moore Begnaud is better known as Jazz. She is an American professional wrestler and former WWE Diva who has previously worked for the original ECW and WWE's RAW and ECW brands

She was approached about training to become a wrestler and went to a wrestling school in Louisiana run by Rod Price and had her first wrestling match against Jacqueline. Moore was just six-months into her training with Rod Price when she got a job with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Considered one of the first female wrestlers to thrive in a male-dominated company lacking an active Women's Division (along the lines of Chyna in the WWF and Madusa in WCW), Jazzmyn (as she was then known) was a part of a tight-knit group, consisting of then up-and-coming superstars such as Jason and Justin Credible. She would later become pushed around because of her gender, leading to a feud with Jason. In most occassions in facing Jason, she won emphatically, and would continue to be a regular face in ECW. She would appear on a random basis before leaving the company for good in early 2000, just under a year before ECW was shut down due to bankruptcy.

Having worked a number of house shows as try-outs during 2001, in September of that year Moore, now wrestling as Jazz, signed a two-year contract with the World Wrestling Federation. She made her formal debut in the company at the Survivor Series pay per view in a Six-Pack Challenge Match for the WWF Women's Championship which had been vacated by Chyna after her departure from the company. Ultimately, Trish Stratus came away with the victory and the championship that night but, several weeks later Jazz brutally attacked Stratus and Mighty Molly during a title defense. This led to a vicious feud between Stratus and Jazz which led to Jazz defeating Stratus on the February 4, 2002 edition of RAW to win her first Women's Championship.

The feud went on for several months with Jazz making successful title defenses against Stratus, Lita and Ivory. However due to injury, Jazz dropped the title back to Stratus in a Hardcore-Rules match on the May 13, 2002 edition of RAW, which also involved Bubba Ray Dudley and Steven Richards.

Jazz - Carlene Begnaud
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