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Francine Fournier - ECW-WWE

Francine Fournier was born on February 19th, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
She is better known as Francine, a former American professional wrestling valet, known for her work for the wrestling promotion, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).
Francine worked for a life insurance company before deciding to become a professional wrestling valet.

Francine Fournier - ECW-WWE
She was hired by ECW in December 1993, and trained with J.T. Smith at the ECW House of Hardcore training school, of which she was the first graduate. In the summer of 1995 she debuted in ECW as a devoted fan of Stevie Richards, and she later became his onscreen girlfriend and manager. On August 26 Richards turned on her, interfering in a catfight between Francine and Beulah McGillicutty. Richards' interference allowed Beulah to pin Francine for the victory, and Francine lost her wrestler to Beulah and Raven. She gained a measure of revenge by leading The Pitbulls to a victory over Richards and Raven for the ECW Tag Team Championships on September 16th, 1995.

Francine Fournier - ECW-WWE

On July 13, 1996 at Heatwave, Francine turned on The Pitbulls and became the manager of Shane Douglas, who she twice helped become ECW World Heavyweight Champion. During this time, she could also occasionally be found at ringside in support of Douglas' Triple Threat teammates Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow. She remained at the side of Douglas until he left ECW to return to World Championship Wrestling, at which point she became the manager of Tommy Dreamer, whom she had been dating off screen for at least a year previous; Francine did not publicly reveal her relationship with Dreamer until after she began working with him. In 2000 she left Dreamer (as part of the then-current storyline; their offstage relationship continued unabated) and managed Raven, then Justin Credible until ECW declared bankruptcy in March 2001.

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