Wednesday, April 11, 2007

UK Women's Wrestling - Klondike Kate (Klondyke Kate)

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Legendary UK female wrestler Jayne Porter is better known as Klondike Kate (or Klondyke Kate).
(Not to be confused with the vaudeville star or the restaurant)
Kate is 160 kilos (thats roughly 352 pounds to us metrically impaired) and that makes her a great "Monster Heel"
We don't have many female Monster Heels here in the US like they do in Japan and Mexico.
She has wrestled not only in the UK, but she has toured Japan as well.

Here is Klondike Kate taking on Gaby Lailee in a match in France from the early 90s.

And guess what?
Kate is still around!
You can check out her Facebook page here
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