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TNA: Traci Brooks, Part 2

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Brooks debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on April 30, 2003, attacking Lollipop, a dancer who entertained the live audience during intermissions.
The following week, Brooks demanded to be entered in a gauntlet match in which the winner would receive a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, threatening to sue NWA official Bill Behrens for sexual discrimination if he did not comply. When her threats failed, Brooks instead attempted to charm Behrens into allowing her into the match. Behrens then placed Brooks in a triple threat match with fellow female wrestlers Desire and Trinity, with the winner gaining entry into the gauntlet match. After Kid Kash ambushed Trinity and David Young accidentally punched Desire, Brooks won the match. Later that evening, she was attacked by Lollipop as she approached the ring to enter the gauntlet match. After she entered the ring, Brooks was quickly pinned and eliminated by Kid Kash.

On May 21, Brooks was paired with David Young in an "Anarchy Alliance" tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders to the NWA World Tag Team Championships. They defeated Kid Kash and Trinity on May 21 and Ron Killings (whose partner, Don Harris, had refused to team with him) on June 4, but lost to America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) in the finals on June 11.

On the June 18, 2003 TNA pay-per-view, Brooks formed an all-female stable with Nurse Veronica and Valentina. The stable quietly disbanded shortly thereafter when Veronica turned down a proffered TNA contract and Brooks was removed from television for repackaging.

Brooks returned to TNA on November 5, 2003, helping Shane Douglas defeat The Sandman. On November 26, Douglas and Brooks (known now simply as Traci) helped Michael Shane defeat Sonjay Dutt. Following the match, the trio celebrated, and Douglas announced that they were to be called "The New Franchise".

The New Franchise began feuding with Triple X (Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki and Elix Skipper). The feud lasted until April 21, 2004, when Shane lost to Daniels after he passed up on a pinfall opportunity in order to try and hit his finisher. After Douglas admonished Shane, Shane began pushing and slapping his erstwhile mentor. Traci eventually grabbed Douglas from behind, enabling Shane to superkick Douglas. The following week, Traci helped Shane defeated Douglas in a singles match.

Traci continued to manage Shane, who was by now pursuing the TNA X Division Championship. Shane proved unable to defeat the incumbent champion, A.J. Styles, so he and Traci recruited Frankie Kazarian in order to maximise their numbers advantage. The result was a new stable/tag team that was known by fans as Shazarian. After several weeks of confrontations, Styles defended his title against Shane and Kazarian in a three way Ultimate X match on July 28, 2004. Though he was able to nullify the interference of Traci by giving her a Styles Clash, he was eventually knocked unconscious by the combined efforts of Shane and Kazarian. Shane and Kazarian then climbed for the X Division Championship, and simultaneously retrieved the belt, thus becoming co-champions. They lost the titles to Petey Williams in a Gauntlet Match on August 11.

In late-2004, Traci turned face by leaving Shane and Kazarian and becoming the assistant of the TNA Director of Authority, Dusty Rhodes. However, Trinity also wanted to be Rhodes' assistant, so he told each woman to recruit a new tag team. The teams would face one another at Destination X 2005 on March 13, 2005, with the winning team's manager becoming Rhodes' sole assistant. Traci's team (Ron and Don Harris, the Disciples of Destruction) defeated Trinity's team (Big Tilly and Bruno Sassi - Phi Delta Slam), making her Rhodes' assistant.

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