Friday, March 30, 2007

Crystal "The Diva" Carmichael - Female Wrestling

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Name: Crystal "The Diva" Carmichael
From: :Las Vegas, NV
Ht: 5"8 (34 DD 23-35)
Wt: 125 Lbs.
Hair: Blonde/Light Blonde
Eyes: Green
Finishing Manuever: "The ShowStopper( Double D Diva Drop)

Crystal White, the Chicago area wrestler who was a Top 25 finalist in the first MTV/WWF Tough Enough, is as beautiful in front of a camera as she is talented inside the wrestling ring. This dark and sexy beauty wrestled in high school, but her real love was the pro ranks. After graduation, she headed straight to pro wrestling school and then indy stardom. Craving attention from any lens in sight, it's curious that Ms. White chose pro wrestling as a profession at all. One look at this sultry vixen is all you need to realize that she could be a modeling star at the drop of a flashbulb! Lucky for us, Crystal White chose the squared-circle for her future. Watch for this talented lady to hit superstar status soon...
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