Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Arm & Hammer Connection - Female wrestling

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Team: The Arm and Hammer Connection
Tracy Richards"The Arm" and Beverly Shade"The Hammer"

" In 1983, Tracy Richards and I formed a Tag Team called The Arm and Hammer Connection. We wore matching suits and had black and silver capes with an Arm and Hammer logo on the back."
Beverly Shade-http://www.glorywrestling.com/gg/BeverlyShade/BS.asp

" Gimmick: I tried a lot of them, but the one that was the best was when I teamed with Beverly Shade to form "The Arm and Hammer Connection". Our motto was kick butt and take names later!"
Tracy Richards-http://www.glorywrestling.com/gg/TracyRichards/TR.asp

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