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Amy Zidian - Female Wrestling

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Wrestler Name: Amy Zidian
Real Name: Amy Zidian
Born: October, 1985, Orlando, Florida
Height & Weight: 5 ft 9 in
Trained by:OVW staff
Pro Wrestling Debut: 2006

Zidian participated in the WWE's 2006 WWE Diva Search, where she was the first competitor eliminated. Despite not winning the Diva Search contract she was hired by WWE and assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) to train, making her debut at the October 28, 2006 TV tapings in a "Halloween Costume Contest". At the same time she was competing in OVW she began appearing at Extreme Championship Wrestling house shows, replacing Rebecca DiPietro while she had to attend to personal problems. She then got transferred to the SmackDown! brand to act as valet for Jimmy Wang Yang, dressing in Daisy Dukes and adopting a "redneck" gimmick to fit with Yang and making her debut on the November 3, 2006 edition of the show.

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Zidian was released from her WWE contract on December 13, 2006.
While some WWE releases are a product of creative having no ideas for the talent in question, Amy Zidian’s firing was purely the result of her own actions.

The first incident involved Zidian and WWE Diva Search winner Layla El. Zidian, who placed eighth in the contest, made a comment to Layla and asked if she was upset that the eighth place finisher was getting a push while the winner was “collecting dust.”

She also managed to upset fellow SmackDown! Diva Kristal by mocking her hair extensions.

But Zidian’s upsetting fellow WWE females did not end there. One of her most prominent incidents involved asking Vickie Guerrero how, based on her looks, she was able to get a job as a Diva for the company. Guerrero responded that since she is not pretty enough she should leave “your” (Amy’s) lockerroom.

The incident had far greater ramifications, though, as insulting Eddie Guerrero’s widow is not a move that would typically win one respect in the locker room. Although Zidian was sincere in her question (she truly did not know who Vickie Guerrero was nor how she became an on-air talent), her ignorance on the issue was not considered a valid excuse in the eyes of the wrestlers. There was actually a push to fire Zidian for that incident, but John Laurinaitis convinced WWE to give her another chance.

Following that incident, Stephanie McMahon attempted to give Zidian some advice on proper backstage behavior. Zidian, in front of a crowd backstage and with attitude in her voice, asked who she was to be giving out advice. Zidian’s reaction to Stephanie’s “revelation” of her identity was not described as apologetic, and her fate was, at that point, sealed.

Jimmy Wang Yang, for whom Zidian served as valet, had been distancing himself from the Diva backstage to avoid picking up her locker room heat. John Laurinaitis did not, however, avoid heat for the incidents as her call-up to SmackDown! was primarily his call.


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