Monday, July 4, 2016

Vintage Women's Wrestling

Here are some more pictures from the Good Old Days of women's wrestling.

First up we have Bonnie Watson getting worked over by Sherri Lee

Then Donna Day giving Debbie Combs a working over.

Judy Grable getting twisted pretty bad by Marge Garcia.

Leilani Kai applying a very painful stomach claw to a female Japanese wrestler (?)

Wendi Richter with a painful looking backbreaker on Velvet McIntyre

Alma Mills giving Pat Sherry a hard time

Two more unknowns though I think the brunette is Mildred Burke.
Any ideas?

Carmen Monge and Kitty Baker double teaming Rachel Dubois

Barbara Galento punishing Anne Casey

Joyce Grable with a bodyscissors on Donna Christanello

Headscissors being applied to Judy Grable (?)

Mae Weston and Ella Waldek.

Sandy Parker vs Penny Banner

Evelyn Stevens getting bodyscissored by Barbara Galento

Adele Antone and Joyce Ford

Sandy Parker vs Vicki Williams

Olga Martinez ragdolling Brenda Scott

Wendi Richter vs. Leilani Kai

Vicki Williams vs Sandy Parker again

Betty Nicoli reaching for the ropes for leverage as she tortures Jean Antone's leg.

Misty Blue Simmes hoisting her opponent up

Penny Banner warning off the ref as she pounds on Tammy Jones

A young Sherri Martel wrestling Candi Devine

More Classic Women's Pro Wrestling Here:

Part 1 is here

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