Sunday, September 7, 2014

Terri Power - Womens Pro Wrestling

Terri Poch was a pretty darn good wrestler before she hit the WWF as Tori.
Before that she was known as Terri Power.
Terri held the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) Championship and was never defeated for it, holding it until the promotion shut down.

Terri Power - Womens Pro Wrestling

She was also a frequent tag team partner of Reggie Bennett and those two made quite a powerful team.
I think they would have given a lot of the men a hard time.

Terri Power - Womens Pro Wrestling - Reggie Bennett

Terri Power - Female Pro Wrestling

After the LPWA folded, Terri went to Japan and worked for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling.
Then after that, she showed up in the WWF.
Of course they never used her to her full potential and she wound up a a footnote in WWF/WWE history when she should have been a WWE Women's Champion.

 Terri Power vs Rustee Thomas

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