Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She Nay Nay Updates

She Nay Nay

Way back on March 3rd, 2008, I did a write up on female wrestler She Nay Nay (Athanasia Alexopoulos).
Now all these years later I run into She Nay Nay wrestling for SHIMMER?
Is this the same lady?
I guess it is.

It looks like She Nay Nay has been wrestling since 2004, starting out with Border City Wrestling.
She's worked for wrestling promotions like Pure Wrestling Association, Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Universal Wrestling Alliance, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Derby Championship Wrestling, Hoosier Pro Wrestling and Irish Whip Wrestling.

She Nay Nay

She showed up in the United Kingdom as "Miss Anthea" and wrestled for All-Star British Wrestling and NCW Femmes Fatales.
She Nay Nay even made an appearance for the WWE, wrestling Beth Phoenix under the name "Jenny Brooks" in 2009 on SmackDown.
It's really kinda cool to do a profile on a wrestler like her, then see her work all over the US, Canada, Britain, Ireland and even tour South Korea.

You can see more pictures of She Nay Nay at Wrestling Wally's website here.
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