Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Madison Eagles - Female Wrestling

Madison Eagles, female wrestling, wrestling

Back in 2007 I did a write up on a 6'1, 160lb young lady that wrestled in Australia named Madison.
I thought she had vanished, but someone was kind enough to comment and let me know that she was still going strong in her homeland.
So imagine my surprise when I ran across her again, this time wrestling for Shimmer as Madison Eagles.

Come to find out, Madison has not only worked for Shimmer here in the US, but Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA),World Class Extreme Wrestling (WCEW), EGO Pro Wrestling, New England Championship Wrestling(NECW), ACE, Ring of Honor (ROH), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and Chikara.

She also runs an all female pro wrestling company in Australia called PWWA, and she co-owns PWA and the PWA training school.

Madison Eagles - Female Wrestling

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