Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spice Williams-Crosby

And now a really great lady......

Spice Williams-Crosby (born Marceline Ann Williams, April 26, 1952 in North Hollywood, California) is an American actress and stunt performer, with a career in film and television which spans over twenty years. Her more notable roles include the Klingon officer Vixis in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and the assassin Patrice in Buffy the Vampire Slayer story "What's My Line". Originally involved in music and dance, she switched to acting, focusing on action roles which often featured stuntwork, making use of her martial arts and athletics skills. She has also worked as a stunt coordinator, choreographing fight scenes for television and film, including Miller Lite's controversial 2002 commercial "Catfight".

After recovering from problems with drugs and alcohol abuse, Williams took up personal fitness at the age of 26, including bodybuilding and nutrition. She is a noted vegan and has written a book and several articles on the subject of nutrition. She is married to Gregory Crosby, grandson of Bing Crosby; the couple have one son, Luke Gregory.

This lady (with apologizes to Lex Luger) is the total package. Wrestling, martial arts, catfights, she can do them all, and more.

Check out her site here: http://spicewilliams-crosby.com/

And of course my friend's Yahoo Group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiceWilliamsFanGroup/

Monday, June 16, 2008

OVW: Sosay

Wrestler/Valet Name : Sosay
Real Name: Jennifer Kaiser
Birthday: January 6, 1980
Hometown: Michigan
Height & Weight: 5'6" - 128 lbs
Trained by: Windy City Pro Wrestling, OVW Training
Pro Wrestling Debut: April 2003
Previous Gimmicks: Desiree (OVW)
Finishing Move: Kaiser Kick
Favorite Moves: Kaiser Roll Up
Notable Feuds: Maria Kanellis, Trinity, Shelly (Martinez), (Joey) Mercury

Jennifer Kaiser is an American actress, model, professional wrestler and artist, better known as Sosay (So-say). She is perhaps most well-known for a stint in OVW.

Sosay began her career as a wrestler in April of 2003 at Windy City Pro Wrestling in Chicago. While there, she would defeat Sandra D to become Windy City Pro Wrestling Ladies' Champion. She moved to Louisville before the year was out and joined Ohio Valley Wrestling where she shared the ring with Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Maria Kanellis. She had a prominent feud with Maria on OVW Television that included more than a few catfights. She was also involved in notable squabbles with Trinity and Shelly Martinez.

During her time with the company, Sosay was the valet for Ken Doane and, later, a member of Kenny Bolin's B.S. (Bolin Services). While in B.S. she became the Press Secretary to the Revolution that took over OVW.

After a stint as the lackey of Robbie Dawber, Sosay became the publicist for "Fearless" Jack Bull. It was during this time that Sosay got to display her unique and quirky personality while introducing Jack as he performed (or attempted to perform) outrageous stunts. The two later had a feud with Joey Mercury.

Sosay has worked as a promotional representative and model in Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and many other places. She is a regular spokesmodel for Pinnacle/Cytodyne and has represented their products (such as Xenadrine) at events like the Arnold Fitness Expo (Columbus, Ohio) and the Mr. Olympia fitness Expo (Las Vegas, Nevada).


Monday, June 2, 2008

TNA Knockout: So-Cal Val / Valerie Wyndham

Wrestler: So-Cal Val
Real Name: Valerie Elizabeth Wyndham
Born: March 27, 1986, Beverly Hills, California, Moved to Orlando, Florida
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 115 lbs.
Trained by: Self-trained
Pro Wrestling Debut: March 30, 2002 (GSCW)
Previous Gimmicks: Valerie, So-Cal Valerie
Finishing Move: So Cal Slap
Favorite Moves: Clapper (Chop to lower leg), Catfights!
Notable Feuds: Gorgeous George (WEW), Francine (WEW), Black Market (FIP), The Heartbreak Xpress (FIP)

Valerie Elizabeth Wyndham is an American professional wrestling valet, better known by her ring name, SoCal Val. She is currently working for TNA Wrestling as a ring girl.

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