Thursday, September 4, 2008

Terri Runnels/ Marlena - Part 4

Terri Runnels/ Marlena

Terri invited The Kat (Stacy Carter) to a beauty salon saying she was sorry for cheating on the match. However, Terri spiked The Kat's drink and dyed and cut her hair while she was unconscious. The feud would continue to an Arm Wrestling Match at Insurrextion 2000. Carter was victorious, but after the match, Terri pulled The Kat's top off, exposing her breasts. Instead of being disgusted or embarrassed, Carter allowed the crowd to see her breasts. In June 2000, Terri formed an alliance with Dean Malenko, and on June 6 on RAW, Malenko faced Jerry Lawler (representing The Kat) in a "Over the Top, Off with the Top" Match. Though Malenko lost, Terri was covered up by Steven Richards before she could strip topless. The feud resurfaced in a match between Terri and Perry Saturn vs The Kat and Al Snow where Terri and Perry emerged victorious at SummerSlam 2000,later then Terri and The Kat had a backstage fight before their match involving Perry Saturn on Terri´s side and Rikishi on The Kat´s side,although Terri and Perry Saturn won Rikishi left Perry Saturn nearly unconscious and Stinkfaced Terri,one show later Terri took revenge on The Kat by Stinkfacing her. This resulted on an official Stinkface match between Terri and the Kat where The Kat won by stinkfacing Terri.Both ladies continued their feud in match between Terri, Perry Saturn, and D´lo Brown vs The Kat, Dean Malenko and The Godfather where Terri´s team resulted victorious, a match between Terri and the Fabulous Moolah vs. The Kat and Mae Young where they lost, and many more matches.

Terri became the onscreen girlfriend and manager of Perry Saturn and joined The Radicalz. The partnership lasted until Saturn, concussed by a double powerbomb delivered by The Acolytes, opted to continue seeing "Moppy" (a mop he believed was alive) when Terri told him to get rid of the mop or she would leave him. Terri then became the manager of wrestler Raven and joined The Alliance in order to enact revenge upon Saturn, a goal she achieved when Raven stole the mop and fed it into a woodchipper.

In late-2001, Terri replaced Trish Stratus as the host of the WWE recap program "Excess" after Stratus became a full-time wrestler. She briefly feuded with Stratus, resulting in a wet T-shirt contest between the two on RAW, which was interrupted by Jazz. Runnels held the role until the program was canceled and she then became a backstage interviewer. She wrestled the occasional match a notorious one being her vs. Trish Stratus on a lingerie match for the Women´s Championship but she lost.and had brief feuds with Molly Holly and Stacy Keibler. Terri defeated Keibler in the first ever Lingerie Pillow Fight, which concluded with a bitter Keibler tarring and feathering Terri afterward. On May 27, 2002, she briefly held the perpetually contested Hardcore Title when she pinned a dazed Steven Richards, though he immediately pinned her to regain the title. She also began an onscreen romance with Kane which was abandoned when Kane turned heel in June 2003. Terri declined to train as a full-time wrestler, preferring to act as a manager if possible. In March of 2004, Runnels requested and was granted her release from the WWE, parting on good terms.

It was reported in April 2008 that Terri will be making her comeback to wrestling after a 4 year absence. She is taking bookings through the talent booking company Integrity Bookings and also through

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