Thursday, September 4, 2008

Terri Runnels/ Marlena - Part 2

Terri debuted in the WWF at the 1996 Royal Rumble as Marlena. Terri came up with the name and also had to petition Vince to allow her to smoke the cigars she wanted to bring to the ring. Terri loved smoking cigars in her private time and thought that would be perfect for the androgynous character that she thought of to compliment her husband's character "Goldust". Terri thought of the Marlena character one day while she was in her tanning bed. The motivation for the Marlena character was the Bob Mackie Barbie doll which looked like a Sun Goddess. The cigar-smoking manager and wife of her real-life husband Dustin Runnels, then packaged as the eccentric, cross-dressing, bisexual wrestler Goldust.

Marlena was attacked by Chyna twice, the first time Chyna choked Terri from behind while in a match between Goldust and HHH, the second time was after Marlena slapped HHH because he Pedigreed Goldust,
Chyna sneaked up behind Marlena and shook her like a rag doll, causing her to injure her ribs, Marlena then had an arm wrestling match with the conceited Sunny, where Marlena was close to winning but Sunny threw a bag of sand at her face, so no one really won.
Terri managed Goldust until November 3, 1997, when he revealed his new valet, Luna Vachon. Terri disappeared from TV, re-emerging in 1998 as the manager and on-screen girlfriend of Val Venis. Venis ended their relationship when Terri announced that she was pregnant saying that she could not be expecting a baby from him due to the fact that he had a vasectomy.
In November 1998, the jilted Terri formed the stable "Pretty Mean Sisters" (P.M.S.) with Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock, both of whom also had reason to resent men,although Ryan Shamrock joined a few months after Terri and Jacqueline did, when Terri and Jacqueline first joined they both low blowed their male counterparts and had a few matches with some divas such as Ivory and Tori where Terri would usually act as a manager instead of actually wrestling.
In a match between Jacqueline and Ivory, Terri went up to the ring and burned Ivory in the face with a cigar causing Jacqueline to pin Ivory. Two shows later Ivory called out Terri to the ring to fight hand-to-hand and Terri came out with Jacqueline but on the way to the ring Terri told Jacqueline that she was fine and that she could take on Ivory by herself,Jacqueline hesitated but agreed, but almost immediately after Terri stepped into the ring, she was intimidated by Ivory and tried to run away, but Ivory grabbed her and ripped off her T-shirt.
In a subsequent angle, D'Lo Brown accidentally knocked Terri from the ring apron to the floor during a match, and she claimed to have suffered a miscarriage. This was later found to be untrue, as was the entire pregnancy, but in the meantime Terri used the incident to exert control over D'Lo, who became a virtual servant to P.M.S. The stable eventually grew to encompass Meat, a male wrestler who the ladies constantly abused. P.M.S. gradually drifted apart, and the stable finally split in August 1999.

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