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Tiana Ringer - Women Wrestling

Tiana Ringer was born September 3, 1985, in South Palm Beach, Florida. She is a currently inactive American pro wrestler who has competed in North American promotions in Ontario and the North Central United States and has appeared in Blood, Sweat & Ears and SHIMMER during the early 2000s.

She has also appeared in All Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor and toured Mexico with TNA Wrestling participating in an inter promotional event between TNA and Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in September 2006.

Tiana Ringer - Women Wrestling

Growing up in South Palm Beach, Florida, Ringer began watching WCW professional wrestling with her older brothers during the early 1990s and later became a fan of Chris Jericho. While in high school, Ringer became involved in girl's varsity rugby as well as amateur wrestling winning four gold medals and qualifying for Provincials during her two year career. Although leaving the wrestling team prior to graduation choosing to focus on her dancing career, she studied Muay Thai after leaving high school.

During this time, she became associated with several independent wrestlers while working as a hostess for a local restaurant and was eventually introduced to one of the these wrestlers Rob "El Fuego" Etcheverria by his fiance who was a client of her mother, a professional trainer. Moving to Toronto, Ontario in early 2003, she began training under Etcheverria at Squared Circle and later continued to train occasionally with Scott D'Amore and Tyson Dux in Windsor before making her pro wrestling debut in June 2004.

That same year she was featured in the two-part wrestling documentary Slam Bam which aired on the Discovery Channel.

Tiana Ringer - Female Wrestling

After missing several shows due to the death of her grandfather in early 2007, Tiana announced on her website that she would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from professional wrestling on June 25 in order to attend York University to complete her final year and receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Tiana has plans to continue studying physiotherapy and complete a two year Masters program commencing September 2008.

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