Thursday, May 22, 2008

Penny Banner - (August 11, 1934 – May 12, 2008)

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I know this is late but things have been hectic around here......

Penny Banner died in her sleep at the home of her daughter, Wendi, in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 12, 2008.
I was lucky enough to see Penny wrestle " back in the day". Our local TV station actually had wrestling matches here, and I got to see Penny and some of the other greats when they were with the NWA.
Penny was married to Johnny Weaver for 35 years before divorcing him in 1994.
She also competed in the Senior Olympic Games doing Swimming plus the Shot Put and Discus throws later in life.
I think if one word could describe Penny it is " Guts".
She stared cancer in the face till it blinked.
She stayed active all her life.
And she was a role model for a lot of up and coming wrestlers.
And she entertained us.

Rest in Peace Penny.

 Lily Thomas and Penny Banner

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