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Pepper LaBianco - Female Wrestling

Pepper LaBianco - Female Wrestling

Wrestler: Pepper LaBianco
Real Name: Joyce LaBianco
Born: February 25th, 1959
Hometown: San Clemente, California
Marital Status: Single
Height and Weight: 5'5" - 160 lbs
Trained by: The Fabulous Moolah
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1977
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Flying Head Scissors
Notable Feuds: Joyce Grable,Vicki Williams,Fabulous Moolah,Susan Sexton,Marie Laverne,Princess Littleheart
Title History: Women's World Tag Team Champion with partner Leilani Kai

Pepper LaBianco spent a good deal of her wrestling career partnered with Leilani Kai wrestling in tag-team matches for the Women's World Tag Team Championship against Joyce Grable and Vicki Williams. Other notable feuds include Pepper wrestling against: Vicki Williams, The Fabulous Moolah, Marie Laverene; Susan Sexton; Joyce Grable; Princess Littleheart and Wendy Richter.

Pepper wrestled in a mixed (men and women) Battle Royal in Honolulu Hawaii. She also wrestled against her former boss and mentor "The Fabulous Moolah" for the Women's Heavy Weight Wrestling Championship Title. Pepper wrestled at the Superdome with a crowd attendance of 125,000 wrestling fans.

Pepper LaBianco - Female Wrestling

Pepper LaBianco has wrestled in major sports arenas around the country including: Superdome in New Orleans; Omni in Atlanta; Cow Palace in San Francisco and the Orange Bowl in Florida.

Later in Pepper's wrestling career she started to incorporate a male valet who accompanied her at ringside. Pepper also, started wearing half sequenced masks which were designed by Pepper herself.

Pepper LaBianco retired from wrestling in the 1980s She later earned three degrees: Masters Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling: Chapman University; Bachelors Degree in Psychology: California State University of Fullerton; Associate of Arts Degree: Fullerton College.
Pepper currently resides in California. She is now a Psychotherapist and is licensed as a Marriage, Family Therapist in the state of California and Idaho.

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