Monday, October 8, 2007

Michelle Morgan - Female Wrestling

Michelle Morgan is a professional female wrestler that competes on the Indy circuit.
She wrestles under the name Morgan.
Morgan was born on August 13 ???? in Provo Utah.
She was trained by the Navajo Warrior.
Morgan made her pro wrestling debut in 2000.
Her favorite wrestling moves are the Samoan Drop and the Double Underhook DDT.
Morgan's finishing move is the Tilt-a-bomb.
She has had feuds with Sierra, Erica Porter, Kharma, Erica D'Erico and Super J.
Though recently she has been teaming with Erica D'Erico.
Morgan has wrestled for APW, UCW-Zero, Impact Zone Wrestling and World Pro Wrestling.

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U r worth wrestling..realy..
m 5'8"..150 lbs

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