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Female Wrestler - Bambi / Selina Majors

Female Wrestler - Bambi / Selina Majors

Female pro wrestler Selina Majors, better known as Bambi, was born on June 12th, 1967 in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
She made her professional wrestling debut in 1986 on a GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wresling) spinoff known as POWW (Powerful Women of Wrestling also ran by David McLane).
Selina wrestled for the Women of Wrestling promotion. She also competed on LPWA's (Ladies Professional Wrestling Association) only pay per view "Super Ladies Showdown".
Although she never wrestled for the WWF/WWE, she did appear on a WCW event, WCW Clash of the Champions XII "Fall Brawl: Mountain Madness", wrestling Susan Sexton.
The list of wrestling promotions Bambi has worked for is staggering and so is her list of titles.
Female Wrestler - Bambi / Selina Majors

She held the Women's Wrestling Championship title in LMLW/WWOW (three times), the NWA Women's title, the ACW Women's title, the IWA Women's title (again, three times), the NWL Women's title (three times), the VWA Women's title, the SAPW Women's title, the PWF Women's title, the BTW Women's title, the NDW Women's title, the Rampage Wrestling Federation Women's title and the CCW Women's Tag Team Championship with Lisa Moretti (WWE's Ivory).

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