Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rachel Summerlyn - Womens Pro Wrestling

Who's been the most popular lady on this blog recently?
Well it kinda stunned me to see that it was/is Rachel Summerlyn.
This blog was created for Indy and classic women's pro wrestling, well, at least I turned it that way, so it makes me feel good to see that ladies like Rachel are indeed popular here.

This five foot seven, 165 pound blonde haired beauty has been wrestling since 2006 and has worked for a lot of promotions.
Anarchy Championship Wrestling (where she was the ACW Heavyweight Champion at one time), Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South, NWA Lonestar, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, SHIMMER Women Athletes and Squared Circle Wrestling.

But in July 2014, Rachel made her final appearance at Inspire Pro Wrestling and retired.

Rachel Summerlyn - Womens Pro Wrestling
Photo Credit: http://www.anarchychampionshipwrestling.com/

Rachel Summerlyn - Female Wrestling
Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/MrBrandonStroud

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