Friday, March 16, 2007

Real-Life Tension Between Candice Michelle & Melina, Part 1

Real-Life Tension Between Candice Michelle and Melina
03/15/2007 by Ryan Clark

Candice Michelle appeared on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show on 3/15 (audio can be found on and she had some things to say regarding fellow RAW Diva Melina Perez.

Candice and Melina had recently engaged in a "blog battle" on It all started last month when Candice accused Melina of stealing one of her trademark moves in a recent match. Candice called the Inverted STF maneuver the 'Candy Clutch' whereas Melina called it 'The California Dream'. In Melina's next blog, she started off by saying, "I read Candice's blog, and I have to say I laughed so hard! Now that I'm officially on top, the jealousy is going to come out of the woodwork at full speed.

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